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Efficient Capital Raising for ASX Listed Companies

We offer an innovative and flexible financing tool – the 8 Equity At-The-Market Financing Facility is a capital management tool that enables a company to raise funds at the market quickly. Without the need to engage a broker or go to a halt.

It is not intended to replace traditional capital-raising methods, but rather to provide an additional means for a company to raise capital.  The company does not have to use the facility and can cancel it at any time.

ATM’s can be used by any ASX-listed company but is particularly effective to have in place when there is strong liquidity in a company’s stock and/or major upcoming share price catalysts.

How does it work?

At-The-Market Financing Facilities are an efficient way for ASX listed companies to raise capital without needing a broker. It offers flexibility and control in capital-raising efforts.

ASX listed company issues Advanced Subscription Shares to 8 Equity (typically up to ~4.99% of its issued capital), and over the term of the facility (typically up to 3 years), can request 8 Equity to sell these shares on market to raise funds for the company.

The company specifies the period over which shares can be sold, the maximum number of shares 8 Equity can sell over this period (or the amount it wishes to raise) and the minimum price at which these shares can be sold, maintaining maximum flexibility as to whether and how the facility is used.

Who uses an ATM?

With ATM, ASX-listed companies issue Advanced Subscription Shares to 8 Equity.

The company retains control over shares selling, minimum sale price, and sale period, making it a flexible funding tool.

ATM’s are a relatively new product in Australia, but becoming more popular.  By way of example, Lake Resources Ltd (ASX:LKE) has a $250M ATM Facility and has raised $43.7M to date, and Sayona Mining (ASX:SYA) has a $200M ATM and has raised $6.4M to date. In the USA, ATMs have a long history and are used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Tesla, Bank of America, Ford etc.  In 2020, Tesla raised USD$10 Billion via ATM facilities.

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